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Ingredient weighing with Unica Lawer: less time in the workshop, more time in the shop

UNICA organizes production in an innovative way. UNICA automatically weighs all of the powdered and/or liquid ingredients used in recipes for gelato, pastry, biscuits, and every kind of food production where micro-doses of powdered ingredients are necessary.

UNICA guarantees:

  • The quality of the finished product
  • The absolute precision of weighed amounts
  • The repeatability of the recipes
  • The right balance of raw materials
  • Production management, monitoring of efficiency, cost reduction
  • The complete discretion of Know-How (the composition of the recipes can be hidden and remain secret)
  • Optimization of production times (savings of 3 working hours each day in the workshop); spending more time with customers is the key to success.

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In 2007 UNICA was founded, the fruit of Lawer’s 40 years of know-how and competence in designing and building weighing and measuring systems, 2 years of research and development with the most highly accredited consulting companies in the sector of artisanal gelato, and 1 year of operative testing and functional verification by the most important gelato producers. Unica’s reliability and precision make it a valuable partner for gelato, pastry, and food producers.

Ingredient weighing

More time, fewer costs: 
Unica measures powders and liquids containing the most important part of your recipes in an automated way, without the need for your direct presence in the workshop. Less time in the workshop (you save an average of 3 hours a day) and more in the shop. Understanding what your customer expects from you becomes an essential element for your success. With Unica you reduce production times and consequently the hours and costs of personnel. With Unica you can recoup efficiency and margins, directly using the basic raw materials.

By using Unica, you can hide and keep secret the composition of your recipes and your collaborators can produce gelato without knowing your secret recipes. In this way you protect your creativity and know-how, the true value of your business. 

You can verify the actual production
 that is the flavours and, above all, the quantity produced. By entering a reserved area, only you can verify and track the daily and monthly production and the consumption of every single product or the number of recipes of a particular product flavour and the production costs for every recipe or for a particular work day or period; with UNICA you can know exactly what it costs to produce your gelato, even a specific flavour. This information will be available to you alone and help you to monitor production continually. UNICA is a true workshop manager.

Unica repeats infinitely, without errors, and in a completely automated way the operations of weighing the powder micro-ingredients in your recipes. In this way, it ensures consistent quality over time. Fewer errors, fewer costs, higher quality of the finished product.

Protection know-how 
The weighing operations are memorized and available for total and perfect traceability; in addition, thanks to the encrypted software, your know- how is protected.

Space and flexibility 
Unica is compact, occupying the space of a worktable. When not in use, it can be a practical work surface.  


Iis designed and patented to automate all of the steps of weighing solid ingredients that are used in the food sector, both in the preparation of artisanal gelato and in pastry and confectionery making.
It is an extremely useful machine for artisanal workshops where the production includes various recipes, thanks to the machine parts and the simple, intuitive interface. 
The ingredients are held in stainless steel silos with capacities of 12 or 24 litres and are dispensed within a bucket positioned manually on the electronic scale by means of independent dispensing augers that guarantee maximum precision and speed. The touch screen panel permits you to choose the recipe to be weighed and it is possible visualize, with protected access, all of the information about the operations in progress. 

The bucket trolley may be positioned in sequence below the silos from which the products necessary for the chosen recipe are dispensed. At the end of this process, it returns to the bucket area. The compact size of the LAWER UNICA, mounted on caster wheels, allows for its installation in any artisanal workshop.

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