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Weighing system UNICA TWIN: Single or double scale technology

It has been designed and patented for the automation of the powder ingredients weighing operations used in the food industry.

Thanks to the arrangement of the parts composing the weighing system, it is extremely useful in all the preparations of compound recipes.

Weighing system UNICA TWIN

The powder ingredients are stored in stainless steel silos with a capacity of 100 l. and are dosed through stainless steel screws directly into a bucket placed on the automatic weighing trolley equipped with an electronic scale; the bucket slides automatically to place itself under the interested silo. The system can be equipped by double scale to allow simultaneously dosing of two ingredients.

The weighing trolley with the bucket automatically positions itself in sequence under the silos: in this way all the ingredients of the recipe are dosed without any mistake. At the end the bucket repositions in the withdrawal area.

Weighing system UNICA TWIN

Available models
UNICA TWIN 12 (12 silos X 100 l)
UNICA TWIN 24 (24silos X 100 l)
UNICA TWIN 36 (36silos X 100 l)

STORAGE SILOS: each one are equipped with a top cover which is independent and removable.

WEIGHING SCALE: capacity 30 kg and accuracy 0.1 gr.

EFFICIENT FILTERING SYSTEM that ensures perfect machine cleaning, optimal both during manual refilling operations that in the automatic weighing of the ingredients. This system picks up all volatile powders and convey them to the filters installed on the machine edge.

TOUCH SCREEN PANEL AND PC, essential for the recipe selection to be dosed and their retention; it is also used through protected access for the visualization of all information related to the operations in progress

AUTOMATIC BUCKETS LOADING/UNLOADING SYSTEM: can be equipped with an automatic buckets loading/unloading system.

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