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Compatible gaskets for professional refrigerators

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Compatible gaskets for professional refrigerators from Frigo Po, high quality at a lower price

The compatible gaskets for industrial and commercial refrigerators offered by Frigo Po offer performance similar to the original but have an economic advantage of a much lower price.

Seals FrigoPoThe quality and quantity of Frigo Po’s products can be measured by the gaskets that are compatible with a long list of important, recognized brands, both national and international, that operate in the field of professional refrigeration.

The list of brands with compatible gaskets is on the company’s website:

where products with three magnetic interlocking sides are available to order for cupboards, tables, display cases, freezers, and drawers. The products in the complete, up-to-date catalogue can satisfy every need.

Thanks to years of experience in the refrigeration field, Frigo Po is considered the biggest company specialized in sales of professional and compatible gaskets for refrigerators and industrial counters of the finest brands, both Italian and international.

The company invests much energy and money in the acquisition of moulds for producing gaskets, magnetic and non-magnetic, of finished, sealed products, and gaskets in roll or bar form as well as made to measure products.

The catalogues are organized by type and divided according to the following criteria:

  • Compatibles for refrigerators and counters  
  • By the meter, for cupboards, counters, and cold rooms
  • Finished, for cold rooms
  • For blast chillers
  • Made to measure

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