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Sparkiling wine pressure tanks.

Sparkiling wine pressure tanksThe sparkling wine pressure tanks by Gortani are known as the most reliable and competitive ones worldwide, not only for their strict conformity with the European directive 97/23/EC (PED), but also for the high quality standards that characterize each stage of their design and manufacturing processes.

Only high quality stainless steel, exclusively produced in Europe and guaranteed by the best vendors: this is the base material chosen by Gortani for the production of its sparkling wine pressure tanks, ensuring the best quality for the final product (all stainless steel sheets comply with Italian M.D. 21/03/1973 and the European Regulation  1935/2004 – reference standards for food-contact materials). All Gortani autoclaves are made of austenitic stainless steel chosen among “series 300” alloys (AISI 304, 316 and 316L) which are the ideal base materials for the production of pressure tanks in the wine, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

For the production of large-size autoclaves Gortani recommends also the usage of high quality two-phase stainless steel, the so-called “Duplex”. Besides ensuring corrosion resistance values comparable to the “series 300” ones, this material also offers a high mechanical strength, improving the quality/price ratio of the final product.

The staggered-point-configuration cooling system, consisting of chambers enclosed by stainless steel sheets, with accurately sized inlets and distribution manifolds (through which aqueous glycol solutions flow) let the maximum energy efficiency be achieved. The cooling pockets cover, on average, the 90% of the tank shell surface (85% is the minimum guaranteed covering) and they are all tested at a pressure higher than 15,0 bar for a maximum working pressure of 2,0 bar and a minimum guaranteed flow-rate of 100 l/min.

All Gortani autoclaves are PED-certified (European Directive 97/23/EC for Pressure Equipment) and they are provided with technical drawings, data sheets, CE marking and declaration of conformity, certificate of conformity for food-contact products and in addition GOST-R and RTN certifications, for the Russian market.

Moreover, all the welded joints, the welding operators, the used materials and the tests performed on the tanks are in line with the specific European regulations (EN 13445-3:2009,  EN 287, EN 15614, EN 10028, EN 10088, EN 1435, EN 583-1).

Each container is supplied complete with the declaration of conformity required for materials and objects in contact with foodstuffs.

Our customers can choose among more than 100 standard models or ask for a customized autoclave. Mechanical drawings, sizes and technical data should be considered indicative only. Gortani Srl reserves the right to bring about any necessary change to keep improving its products.

Sparkiling wine pressure tanks

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