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Lawer powder dispensing systems are synonymous with maximum precision.

Lawer is a solid, 100% Italian company. The presence of the design and production departments under the same roof guarantees complete control of the entire manufacturing chain. The company is located in the Biella region, an important industrial area on the national level. The know-how matured since 1970 in the textile sector has given the company the right credentials to enter other industrial sectors. 

Production dosing systems

Today, Lawer is a point of reference for technically advanced and flexible dispensing systems for powders and liquids that may be adapted to the various needs of each customer and it holds a substantial number of patents deposited in numerous countries around the world.

In addition to the Italian headquarters, where 100% of the powder and liquid dispensing systems are produced, Lawer has four additional commercial/support centres outside of the country:

  • TURKEY (Lawer Teknik Servis)
  • CHINA (Lawer Shanghai Dispensing Systems)
  • USA (Lawer America Corp.)

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Lawer’s Mission

QUALITY – Quality destined to last over time:
This is the mission of Lawer, a Biella-area company with international recognition for the excellence of its dispensing systems for powders and liquids. This excellence is expressed from the initial phase of analysis to the start-up of the plants, thus ensuring safe, automated systems managed by the highest-level software, able to adapt to the changing production needs of the companies. Quality is also the ability to offer efficient assistance and maintenance service: on this front we are present throughout the world in order to always be close to our customers.

PRECISION - The great value of a company is measured in every small detail.
Lawer has made precision its mark of distinction. Whether in research, the production cycle, or assistance, every minimal detail undergoes the strictest controls. Extreme care is taken with personnel training. Nothing is left to chance in the choice of materials used to make the various components of the system. Only those of the highest quality are chosen in order to fully satisfy current regulations.

RESEARCH – From the start, Lawer has made the strategic choice to invest, in a substantial measure, in personnel, research, and new technologies.
Through the technical office, devoted to analyses and development, and the plant’s “central nervous system”, the company demonstrates its high capacity for systems design. The fundamental task of finding the most innovative technical solutions to continually improve the systems is entrusted to professionally qualified staff members. For this reason, Lawer continues to hold a leadership position in an increasingly competitive market.  

SAFETY - Lawer wants to be a safe haven for its customers, and a reliable partner over the years.
Because Lawer monitors the development of the productive sectors of the client companies and supplies the most technologically advanced solutions with components selected from the finest on the market. All of this ensures the total reliability of its systems and the excellent availability of spare parts. In addition, Lawer builds automated systems with an eye to environmental impact that contribute, in an important way, to resolving problems of safety and hygiene in the work environment and to the reduction of waste from polluting substances.  

Assistance for powder and liquid dispenser systems

Customer Care LawerFlexibility, professionalism, and a wide international network with 45 highly qualified, longstanding agents.
Ability to analyse, identify, and translate customer’s needs into a personalized design.
Brief time frame for the elaboration, realization, and installation of the systems.
Speed of post-sales service in responding to every request and resolving problems, thanks to a qualified technical staff, 4 service centres, and on-line Teleassistance.
Programmed Assistance Services created to optimize the service calls and reduce costs.
These are the elements that characterize Lawer’s service and assistance. Lawer is much more than a simple supplier: it is a reliable, prompt partner.


Lawer was amongst the first Italian companies to adhere to "Sustainable Technologies”, a project promoted by ACIMIT (Associazione Costruttori Italiani di Macchinario).
 ACIMIT members must supply systems and technologies that give top priority in the manufacturing cycle to the reduction of energy, water, and chemical substances in order to have a more responsible production process that is attentive to consumption of these resources.
A green plaque placed on the machines guarantees the energy/environmental performance. Lawer’s commitment to eco-sustainability doesn’t stop here. The company is equipped with a roof of solar panels to self-produce and utilize renewable energy and continue its research into productive solutions design with respect for the environment.

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