Ecomondo 2018: from 6 to 9 November

Date: 5 novembre 2018 | Category: Ecology
Ecomondo 2018: from 6 to 9 November

Ecomondo 2018: Italy in first place in Europe for the recovery of materials

In just a few days, the new edition of the fair for excellence, dedicated to the green and circular economy, will begin. The doors will open in Rimini, in the fair district, from 6 to 9 November, to gather all the world players for the sustainability and efficiency of our planet.​
It seems that our country is at the forefront of waste recycling in Europe, the productivity of resources: an example for the orientation to the circular economy. In Italy, 10 tons of paper and cardboard are recycled and recovered on average per minute. During the year 2017, this result increased by 1.6% compared to the previous year.

Ecomondo is therefore a spokesman for these actions so important for the protection of our planet. All the market leaders who want to know the innovations in terms of technology, solutions, regulations, opportunities, who want to make alliances and propose development projects participate in the fair. Also this year one of the hottest topics is that of the sustainable city for which industrial associations, ministries, institutions, research institutions, the European Commission and the OECD will meet to evaluate the industrial ecodesign, reclamation and requalification of contaminated areas, the bioeconomy, the habits of reuse.

To face this theme, together with energy efficiency and renewable energy, the General States of the Green Economy meet again in Rimini, with the support and organization of the National Council of the Green Economy, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and with the support of the Foundation for Sustainable Development.

Ecomondo is joined this year by Key Energy "Energy Transition Hub", the fair that deals with solutions in favor of energy efficiency and renewable energy. At the fair it is possible to know the innovative ideas and technological proposals for the "Sustainable City", set up in an exhibition space that represents urban areas and mobility plans. To this end it must be said that Italy, although it is in first place in Europe for the recycling of material and has new technologies, is instead scarce for the inclusion of smart solutions and services, as emerges from the 2017 Smart City Index statistics . At the top of this statistic there are cities like Copenhagen, Singapore, Stockholm, Zurich and Boston.

Ecomondo's themes include the European Commission's appeal, so that in 2013 we can achieve a higher level of efficiency, with a 30% reduction in the consumption of raw materials, a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. , 5% GDP growth, creating more jobs.

Alberta Barbagli

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