ECOMONDO 2019: the new edition of the most anticipated green event

Date: 31 October 2019 | Category: Ecology
ECOMONDO 2019: the new edition of the most anticipated green event

The Green Economy discussed at ECOMONDO looks carefully at all the areas of development and protection of our planet

Just a few days to go before the doors of ECOMONDO, the most awaited European Circular & Green Economy Show, organized by IEG - Italian Exhibition Group in the Rimini exhibition center.

The event will be open to the public from 5 to 8 November and in this edition all the issues that affect the health of our plenum are put on the table: development of the circular economy, technological innovations 4.0, packaging - packaging - logistics, redevelopment of the soil and urban areas, sustainable water management, biogas, Sea and Blue Economy.

The sea, this great resource to protect of our time, if treated with care can help us in climate management, as the sea absorbs CO2 and generates new jobs. The economy of the sea, called the "blue economy", for example with reference to the European Union, is growing and currently has 5 million jobs. The first focus will be on the Mediterranean Sea, it will be discussed during the event scheduled for Thursday 6 November "Structuring Blue Growth in Italy". We will talk about vision, mission, available resources and plans to activate. Even more important will be the meeting scheduled for Thursday 7 November where we will try to understand how to manage the accumulation of waste and plastic that pollutes the sea water, its inhabitants and everything that interfaces with them.

The theme of plastic will actually be one of the hottest topics in all of ECOMONDO, in this regard there are several meetings also held to discuss the new packaging formulas, which uses natural and biodegradable or compostable resources, in favor of greater sustainability. The entire packaging industry is revolutionizing in the face of planetary emergencies and the new strategies adopted, production processes, logistics, packaging design and materials used change.

To stimulate the circular economy and the reduction of waste, we will talk a lot about industry 4.0, new technologies and innovative financial solutions, public and private, which can allow companies to change their habits in favor of greater efficiency.

All the operators of the circular economy will meet in Rimini and will be able to visit the fair following an exhibition itinerary organized on 129,000 square meters, with 1,300 companies on display, arriving from 30 countries. 1,000 speakers were invited to take part in the 150 seminars organized to update, train and discuss.

The Eighth Meeting of the General States of the Green Economy is eagerly awaited, meeting in Rimini to discuss, in this edition, how to face the climate challenge, proposing objectives and feasibility until 2030.

Alberta Barbagli



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