Ecomondo 2016, the fair dedicated to sustainable development turns 20

Date: October 20, 2016 | Category: Ecology
Ecomondo 2016, the fair dedicated to sustainable development turns 20

Sustainability again the center of Rimini with ECOMONDO, an event that celebrates 20 years in business.

Four days dedicated to deepen themes that relate to the Green Economy technologies and solutions, the recovery of materials and energy and sustainable development, in an international container which this year involves the Estates General. From Tuesday, November 8 to Friday, November 11th the Rimini Expo Centre goes green innovation and aims to safeguard the environmental system.

On the occasion of the twentieth meeting of ECOMONDO will host the fifth edition of the States General of the Green Economy, offering current topics and of considerable global importance, with regard to new policy measures applied in Italy and in the world. 64 are business organizations that make up the National Council of the Green Economy, in cooperation with the Ministry of 'Environment and the Ministry of Economic Development, and will complete during ECOMONDO the annual work path, divided into 10 meetings in reference to 10 strategic issues.

Ecomondo fair 2016 - RiminiWithin this new edition of the fair will gives more space to young people, to train them and educate them to become entrepreneurs "green-oriented", from an early age, promoting environmental culture already in schools. In this regard, during the event 50 middle school students of Sant 'Arcangelo di Romagna will visit the exhibition areas and meet the Consortia of the industry, to learn about the processes and the protagonists of this sector, to understand how they are born and how both paper and plastic You can recycle materials.

Recycling is the main focus within ECOMONDO, and this year is told through a digital and visual journey, which denotes feasibility, potential and characteristics, thanks to the exhibition called "Circular Economy". The waste is converted into resources required to supply lines for business and production processes. Urban and industrial waste become the protagonists to 360 ° circular economy, creating productivity continuous streams where each element guarantees its relevance and efficiency. Highlights biomaterials, ie elements that come from the plant world; the products so-called "classic" that already are recycled but now facing a new regeneration and positioning in the production cycle; Thus the new material resources that are now beginning to be reused in different fields of application such as some plastic items, diapers and fishing nets; experimentation and new start-ups that explore new technological solutions and the spheres of possible application.

ECOMONDO within companies meet the main operators of the Green Economy and Industry Circular, and can sign new synergies and trade agreements useful to the improvement of their activities, in relation to resource and waste management. The companies participating in this twentieth event dedicated to sustainability can update and build up on the new frontiers of sustainable development, can draw on useful information to gain access to national and European funds.

Alberta Barbagli


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