Ecomondo 2017, from 7 to 10 November Rimini Fair

Date: october 20 2017 | Category: Ecology
Ecomondo 2017, from 7 to 10 November Rimini Fair

Sustainability of the environment at ECOMONDO center

Back to Rimini, from 7 to 10 November, the trade fair dedicated to the circular economy.​

ECOMONDO embraces fully the issues of recovery of matter, energy and sustainable development.

It is an international reference, considering that Italy is the first in Europe, with regard to the green and circular economy sector. Our country is fundamentally different for the efficiency of waste recycling, energy efficiency, and resource productivity.

Ecomondo, fair circular economyThe recycling economy comes to a turning point and puts a lot of news at the fair, even for the water sector. Yes, water is also thought to be a more intensive and effective reuse to safeguard the resources of the planet.

Speaking to ECOMONDO within the new Utilities Square, with the collaboration of Utilitalia, the Federation of Water and Energy Companies. At the center, service companies for citizens, confronted to find innovative ways for more sustainable development. The focal point of the water sector is certainly purification, as in Europe the millions of cubic meters of reused water are lower than those treated and purified.

In this edition of ECOMONDO is also deepened the aspect of circular bioeconomics, a sector in which Italy is already an active actor. In fact, there will be a pavilion, the D3, where you can explore and touch with your hand what you have already experienced and fielded. This is a stage-built route to bring visitors into the world of circular bio-economy and realize what is already available. Between the subfunds shown there will be: agriculture, bio-economy infrastructure, bioproducts, bioplastic transformers, GDO and major brands, end-life, research and development, communication and dissemination.

ECOMONDO is also home to important strategic meetings, once again hosts the meeting of General States of Green Economy. In this meeting, we will work in synergy with Europe, China and the US to build new world equilibriums and understand how they can affect Green Economy. It will also work to produce and propose a new legislature that should regulate all the strategic sectors for the country's sustainable development.

Alberta Barbagli


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