ECOMONDO 2016: proposals, measures and technological solutions to improve the environmental sustainability

Date: November 11, 2016 | Category: Ecology
ECOMONDO 2016: proposals, measures and technological solutions to improve the environmental sustainability

ECOMONDO green is the predominant color, that of nature that characterizes sustainability.

Deep interest of professionals flocked to the twentieth edition of ECOMONDO, international trade fair that takes stock of the sustainability, recycling of materials and proper waste management.

The commitment on the part of technology companies present is really interesting. The real intention is not only to do business and sign new trade agreements. What you breathe inside of the sixteen pavilions set up is the profound desire to improve the quality of life on the planet, through tricks and advanced technological solutions, able to radically change our way of understanding and managing resources, waste and production cycles as it regards the industrial sector.

Among the new proposals there are bags for organic waste, made entirely from recycled paper, compostable, designed to absorb the liquid and do not break. Also arriving, being very innovative in the world, the first Ecological tanks for exhaust and other industrial liquid waste oils, produced almost entirely from recycled plastic. It tries to combine design, shapes and colors to the practicality of everyday, with bins for rubbish, of all the measures, to engaging in managing functional waste, with daily commitment, without it becoming a burden.

Ecomondo 2016

With the new proposals presented at ECOMONDO 2016 seeks to consolidate a new style of life, by readily applicable systems, with suitable accessories and tools, in line with nature, with the environment and with a more efficient world.

Among the extensive production strategies within the fair's recycling of natural materials, like wood, noble element that, if recovered, is selected, crushed and pressed to create new products, such as the ready panels form new eco-friendly furniture. These processes preserve the undisputed element quality as found in nature, and give way to a cycle that never runs out, avoiding the break down new trees. Even services for companies that manage the waste to the company are growing and becoming more sophisticated. Among them you can breathe the air of elimination of paper records in favor of digital archives, for all the necessary documentation to the various disposal operations, which currently employ excessive amounts of paper and space.

The main themes that explores ECOMONDO, edition 2016, all geared to set up production systems and sustainable lifestyles, thanks to the application of advanced technologies that point to an evolution of quality.

Alberta Barbagli


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