ECOMONDO all year round: the legacy of the 2019 edition

Date: January 14, 2020 | Category: Ecology
ECOMONDO all year round: the legacy of the 2019 edition

ECOMONDO projects us towards greater sustainability and in favor of the circular economy in all possible contexts

The number one event that affects all world economies, as well as the health of the planet earth, ended last November with really important results.

This is Ecomondo - The Green Technology Expo - staged at the Rimini exhibition center from 5 to 8 November 2019. The event is the summit that deals with circular economy, efficiency, renewable energy, ecology and green economy .

The 4 days of the fair hosted 1,300 exhibiting companies and buyers from 130 countries. According to data from the Italian Exhibition Group, Ecomondo has achieved a 24% growth in international operators compared to the 2018 edition. Tunisia, Spain, Egypt, Ukraine and Russia have brought delegations of interested foreign operators. Finland, Chile, Brazil, Romania, Poland and other Mediterranean countries have also brought international collectives and associations to enter into agreements with the companies present at the fair.

The European Commission has chosen to present the financing projects more in line with the global objectives for the Green & Circular Economy precisely during the event.

Ecomondo takes place together with other events, all integrated together, Key Energy, Sal.Ve, DPE, and in this particular edition they have been recognized by the world industrial system as an important connector for business and for the planet. The Rimini exhibition center highlighted new technologies, explored future scenarios and trends, bringing concrete and applicable ideas and solutions.

It should be remembered that Ecomondo hosts every year, a well-established habit, the meeting of the States General of the Green Economy, which involves 66 business organizations and that in this 2019 venue has developed the issues concerning the problem of the climate and the beaches affected by the storms .

Ecomondo becomes the hub of activities which are then carried out throughout the year, also by other exhibition platforms, by the entities and bodies that operate daily in support of the Green & Circular Economy, with a view to developing sustainable plans and optimal solutions, concrete, applied.

The next edition is already scheduled from 3 to 6 November 2020.

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