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Mini trampoline park by Guzzi Eugenio: the perfect compact solution to guarantee fun for children and teenagers in shopping malls and beyond.

In the wake of the widespread success of trampoline parks, the Guzzi Eugenio company has decided to introduce a standalone variant of this game, i.e. able to work alone, i.e. without the need for a context that involves hiring staff and renting of an expensive shed.

The mini trampoline park, which is already characterized by its small size, is aimed at children aged 4-5 up to 12-13 year olds, that is to say that segment of the public that is completely neglected in the construction of large trampoline parks. Aiming at this age group is convenient for two main reasons: the young customer is more loyal, as opposed to the strategy of large numbers typical of the trampoline park, moreover, having a younger audience guarantees fewer accidents, a detail of no small importance.

Trampoline park

Therefore, together with the low initial investment costs, there are also low management costs, greater safety and an equal, if not greater, profitability compared to the large trampoline park.

We have already tested the product in large shopping centers and we have observed an excellent response from the public, so we are sure that this investment guarantees the manager a wide flexibility of use (from shopping center to FECs, from lunaparks to campsites), a low initial investment and a high return.

We remind you that the structure is fully customizable, in size and number of seats and that we will soon make available new obstacles, in order to make the game even more attractive in the full safety that distinguishes all Guzzi Eugenio brand products.

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