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Guzzi Eugenio

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The playgrounds made by Guzzi Eugenio are tailor-made products intended for indoor or outdoor play areas, perfect for entertaining the children in complete safety.

Outdoor Playground

The playgrounds consist of a modular structure, built with interlocking panels, easy to assemble and disassemble, normally developed on 2 floors and equipped with obstacles and / or games inside.

Custom-made projects can be carried out and, inside them, various games can be displayed such as slides, ball pools, swings, rollers, bridges, etc.

Despite their small size, they have a rather high capacity: as an example, a 3 x 4 meters game can hold up to 18 children.

The playgrounds are intended for indoor play areas, family entertainment centers, but they can also be installed outdoors if properly covered and raised from the ground by means of a special base.

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