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The trampolines are the flagship product of Guzzi Eugenio’s company: we have solutions of any kind, even rectangular trampolines, and we can even customize our trampolines to entertain children!

Mini 6-seater rectangular trampolines

Guzzi Eugenio, specialist in the production of elastic trampolines, inflatable games and play ground, offers the right solution for every space requirement.

Any request relating to the article of elastic trampolines can be satisfied by the company that offers maximum customization and range availability.

The trampolines are in fact available from simple rooms to one jumping square, two squares and four but also larger sizes up to 10 or 12 jumping squares. Any space will be suitable for the installation of this game loved by children.

The solutions are adaptable for both indoor and outdoor and can be customized with logos, advertising and writings.

The trampoline is certified and complies with safety regulations in compliance with European laws UNI EN 1176-1 and UNI EN 1177-1, certified by TÜV Rheinland certification body.

The characteristics of trampolines

  • Frames complete with doors and stairs
  • Elastic nets in yellow nylon
  • Shockproof paddings filled with foam and covered by fire resistant pvc
  • Fir wood boards
  • Nylon protection nets
  • Springs in galvanized steel
  • Decorative colored flags
  • Network and perimeter banner
  • Complete with user manual and activity booklet

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