Guzzi Eugenio
Guzzi Eugenio

Via Buonarroti, 20/C
41032 - Cavezzo (MO) Italy

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Inflatable games and trampolines presented by Guzzi Eugenio

Inflatable games

Guzzi Eugenio is an Italian company operating in the sector of outdoor games.

In particular production is based on inflatable games and trampolines for children, inflatable structures for amusement parks, inflatable games for recreation centres and playgrounds.

Each solution is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Each product is fully customizable.
All of the inflatable games and trampolines are certified and comply with regulations regarding safety.

Guzzi Eugenio's production: quality, reliability and design

  • Kids trampolines for amusement parks, recreation centres
  • Inflatables for amusement parks, recreation centres
  • Playground equipment
  • Trampoline springs
  • Kids mazes

The company's inflatable games are available as inflatable slides, animated inflatable structures and for use as marketing tools.

The trampolines are available in numerous formats featuring one to eight or ten incorporated trampolines.

Rectangular elastic trampolines for children

Trampoline with inflatable airbag - Trampoline & Airbag Combo

Trampoline park

Mini trampoline park for shopping centers

Certified trampoline for children

Customizable inflatable games for outdoor and indoor

Inflatable games for playrooms

Pools with non-toxic balls

Custom playground for children's play areas

Single trampoline

Certified inflatable slides for children

Inflatable for beach volleyball - Acqua Beach

Inflatable field for soapy soccer

Spare parts for trampolines

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