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Guzzi Eugenio

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Inflatables for outdoor and indoor are customizable, certified and safe. They entertain the little ones and reassure the older ones.

Inflatable production

Guzzi Eugenio presents a wide, fun, creative and safe range of inflatable games for play areas and playgrounds.

The most cheerful and fun solutions, the quality of a certified product, the safety of a partner who can produce inflatables of all shapes and sizes.

Ideal for outdoor or indoor play areas.

We offer customized solutions for shapes, colors, logos, advertising; every request will find an answer in the production of Guzzi Eugenio.

The inflatables by Guzzi Euguenio

Some realizations:

  • Inflatable slides
  • Animals
  • Multi obstacle games
  • Dragons
  • The farm with cows, donkeys and chickens
  • Playrooms
  • Pools with balls
  • Advertising tools

But why not use the company's experience and quality also for solutions for ceremonies, birthday parties, festivals and sporting events, stand construction and any possible advertising or installation idea.

Each project takes care and attention to every phase of realization, from the materials to the eventual shipment.

If you want to know the quality and beauty of Guzzi creations ... ask the children.

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