AEFFE MACHINERY A “young” reality

Date: March 13, 2020 | Category: Industry
AEFFE MACHINERY A “young” reality

On the market for more than 16 years now, AEFFE MACHINERY is coming itself as a strong point for all fashion houses, both large and small, that seek innovation, imagination and creativity every year.

With their continuous evolutions, Federico Pasqualetti and company, introduce every year of the novelties to their machineries, making them more and more “fashionable” and con rming their “updatability”.
No customer will ever feel “old” and will always have the chance to evolve, being able to stay up to date with the continuous changes required by the fashion world.
A capacity to amaze and always remain on the crest of the wave that stands out even more, if we consider that the Tuscan company has among its members all boys aged between 20 and 40 years.
An extra source of pride that the owner Federico Pasqualetti has always wanted to highlight: young staff to be trained and grow with his ideals of professionalism, loyalty, creativity and continuous innovation.
A breath of freshness that has been holding its own against the strong and much more experienced Italian and European competition for years now.
In a market where more class and experience are sought, AEFFE MACHINERY responds with the creativity, freshness and professionalism of all its components. All factors of which Mr. Pasqualetti is very proud and carries on with proud determination.
Space for young people, space for new minds, space for new creations.

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