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Drilling machines for leather from Aeffe Machinery: maximum performance.

Aeffe Machinery makes machines for drilling leather, both for the shoe sector and for tanneries.

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The products are the result of the ability and experience of the company, acquired over many years in the business.

In fact, the company is able to offer highly technological machines and equipment for notching and drilling.

The products may be summarized as follows:

  • Multi-functional drilling machines from 35cm to 2 metres, for leather, for tanneries
  • Continuous, high speed drillers for tanneries
  • High frequency machines for hides

Aeffe Machinery is able to offer a vast range of continuous drilling and notching machines of various dimensions.

Aeffe Machinery's leather-punching technology is constantly improved on the basis of the client's needs, and in terms of ease of use, production flexibility, and modifications to the machines for jobs of different sizes, and also for the size of the drilling machines for leather hides.

The Aeffe Machinery drilling machines for leather use original Aeffe Machinery dies or dies from other brands, punch or die punch, and may carry out the following tasks:drilling, notching, cutting,  plating, moulding.

Aeffe Machineryoffers machines for automatic perforation (controlled by a PLC) or machines with manual controls.

All of Aeffe Machinery's machines conform to current EC regulations.  

AF500 and AF800 are the smallest models of drilling and notching machines, and are designed for use by producers of shoes and shoe uppers.

With their useful area of 500 and 800 mm, they are able to drill, print, plate, and perform hot or cold engraving working continuously: on single pieces (uppers) or on rolls of synthetic material.  The Rpm is electronically controlled and allows for great flexibility in working speed (from 0 to 300 strokes per minute).

The drilling machines for leather from Aeffe Machinery may be mechanical, semiautomatic or automatic and allow the use of “die” moulds  for processing standard materials or “punch” moulds for elastic, spongey materials.

AF1600 (AF1200 and AF1800) are the largest drilling machine and are suitable for tanning and for processing of synthetics.  

With its useful area of  1.600 mm, it is able to drill, mould, plate, and perform hot or cold engraving. The  AF1600 works continuously, both on piece and on whole hides, as well as processing rolls of synthetic material.

The powerful motor, with more than 50 Nm, is electronically controlled and allows for an enormous variety of speeds  (from 0 to 350 strokes per minute).

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