CIBUS TEC 2019: sum up the 52nd edition

Date: 30 october 2019 | Category: Industry
CIBUS TEC 2019: sum up the 52nd edition

Cibus Tec: 40,000 presences in Parma for the food and beverage industry

From the tradition of 80 years of history to technological evolution, Cibus Tec has staged new synergistic realities that see collaborative robots and digital interfaces in action to improve production processes. Man and machines work together to create innovative production cycles that are safer, more monitored, more efficient and sustainable.

The fair, dedicated to the mechanics and industry that is the basis of the food and beverage market, ended a few days ago, the curtain fell on 25 October, in that of Parma, where 40,000 people gathered, with a 25% increase in international interventions.

The 52nd edition of Cibus Tec brought 1,300 exhibiting companies to the pavilions, of which 400 are of international origin. Italy, the Netherlands and Germany are the realities most represented by the brands on display.

Once we watched movies on television, where the robots were pure fantasy, now we are ready to welcome them in our companies, but not only ... At Cibus Tec was presented "Kula", a collaborative robot, the result of all-Italian technology, who is able to make a coffee and offer it to the customer of a bar, for example. Performs work of absolute precision, stops and activates with a single touch from the man, can work without stopping, therefore without holidays and without resting, 7 days on 7 for 24 hours a day, if needed. Certainly it brings productive and economic benefits, but it can also trigger important reflections on cyclical and repetitive tasks to which man has been accustomed for generations. It's not just science fiction, because this robot has already been used in some spaces open to the public, such as the Robotic Bar in Milan and on MSC's cruise ships. Obviously it is not limited to coffee management, the actions it can perform are useful in production processes and in companies.

The new era in which man and machine collaborate has already begun, indeed it is in continuous evolution.

Alberta Barbagli


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