LINEAPELLE 2019: the exhibition that continues even with the lights off

Date: 31 October 2019 | Category: Industry
LINEAPELLE 2019: the exhibition that continues even with the lights off

LINEAPELLE always on the run: international events between one fair and another

LINEAPELLE number 97 closed in early October but continues its journey outside the trade fair context, between one official appointment and another.

After the event that ended in Milan Rho Fair on 4 October, the LINEAPELLE brand brought "Lineapelle Award 2020" to Korea, explaining to 24 students from the world and design departments of the Hongik University of Seoul how to choose, treat and develop Made in Italy fashion materials.

The entire month of October, for the duration of 6 specific dates, is committed to this training, made of work-shops that carry forward the concepts born during the last edition of the fair, to inspire sustainability and the circular economy: Innovation Square and The Leather (Re) Cycling Exhibition.

The fair staged from 2 to 4 October in Milan ended as always with excellent returns and brilliant proposals for the next fashion trends, which cover the sectors of luxury, design, leather goods, footwear, accessories and 'automotive.

However, there are some less positive notes regarding commercial interests from abroad, according to data estimated by Unic. The Italian tanning sector appears to have registered, in the first six months of the year, a 7.3% drop in marketed value, and a 12% drop in terms of volume compared to last year. The causes derive from several factors, including the attacks by animal welfare associations and, of course, the greater demand for materials for fashion and design that are alternative to leather.

The exhibitors who joined LINEAPELLE number 97 were 1270 and visits to the fair were indicatively in line with the previous edition.

The LINEAPELLE machine does not stop and, while confirming the next appointment, set from 19 to 21 February 2020, the program of international events continues to bring buyers and brands of new markets closer to the fair.

Alberta Barbagli



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