SIGEP 2019: what happened at the 40th edition

Date: January 30, 2019 | Category: Pastry making and baking
SIGEP 2019: what happened at the 40th edition

More than 200.000 people celebrated SIGEP's 40th birthday

The international event dedicated to pastry, ice cream, artisanal bakery, coffee and chocolate ended a few days with a new result that confirms the solidity of the fair.

SIGEP, organized by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP - IEG, has triumphed with colors, shows, flavors, recipes, innovative proposals and over 200,000 visitors for the celebration of its 40 years of activity. All the pavilions of the Fiera di Rimini have really been besieged by the discovery of the new sweet and technological intuitions for the food service. The numbers speak for themselves, 1,250 exhibitors, 32,848 foreign buyers arriving from 185 countries. Between these Germany and Spain have determined the greater turnout. France, Poland and England also noted their interest in the proposals presented and international trade agreements. Interest from the United States, the Russian Federation and China was also recorded.

SIGEP has always been a show, as well as a professional display of products, machinery and technological innovations. This year the training and entertainment events were 1,294, developed during the 5 days of the fair.

At the center of the topics covered at the fair is the bio world, both for raw materials of food and for packaging, increasingly disposable and increasingly environmentally friendly.

Among the primary objectives, to favor the circular economy. Intention that does not stop at the reuse of products for industry but also for the reuse of foodstuffs offered at the fair instead of throwing them.

The organizers of the fair have in fact always been very attentive to waste, so they decided, already from some editions, to donate, at the end of the event, food to those who have less means of support. 3.600kg of food items were donated, including flour, drinks, oil, milk, pizza, cream, chocolate, jams and biscuits, from the fair's exhibitors. In addition, ice cream tubs were sold at the end of the event, with products left over from the exhibition, for an amount of 3,300 trays that generated 16,500 euros. This figure will be donated to the Banco di Solidarietà di Rimini, which will take care of buying basic necessities for families in distressed territory.

SIGEP, which is also a concentrate of competition, has seen this year the Italian victory at the Junior Pastry World Championship, and the appointment of SIGEP Gelato d'Oro of the Italian team that will challenge 12 nations at the World Cup of Gelato in 2020.

The appointment with the next SIGEP is already scheduled, will be held from 18 to 22 January 2020.

Alberta Barbagli


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