Waiting for SIGEP 2017: International Exhibition dedicated to the professional world of ice cream and homemade pastries

Date: December 9, 2017 | Category: Pastry making and baking
Waiting for SIGEP 2017: International Exhibition dedicated to the professional world of ice cream and homemade pastries

SIGEP prepares rich in partnerships and new edition for 2017.

They are under way, in recent weeks, the final preparations for the next edition, the number 38, the International Exhibition dedicated to the professional world of bread baking, homemade pastry, gelato and coffee.

As always, the festival of SIGEP meets in Rimini, in the exhibition center, 21 to 25 January. Alongside the exhibition, which can involve as many as 40 countries and several international collaborations, is organized a full schedule of events and performances, that since the first editions has proven to be a winning connection.

One of the most important changes is represented by the agreement, signed in the summer, specifically July 18, 2016, between Rimini Fiera and AIBI (Italian Association of Bakery Ingredients, member Assitol) which provides for a new union between AB Tech Expo and SIGEP, so that in dates of the next trade fair in 2017 we can better represent the entire white art sector, proposing Products and Technologies for Bakery, Pastry and Confectionery during the International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato, Confectionery and Bakery.

Fair Sigep 2017

Partnerships are definitely the focal point of the new edition of SIGEP in addition to quality, now known, of the products and the solutions proposed for the key sector. Another collaboration that was born on the occasion of the next edition is the one with Ice Cream Festival, which is the first traveling exhibition of Italian gastronomy ice cream maker, to promote annually the Italian excellence in craft production of ice cream, which compete with their own abilities Masters ice cream makers.

It will be the month of January 2017 to establish this new partnership whose protagonists Gelato Festival, SIGEP Exhibition of Italian Carpigiani Group and world leader in the production of machines for ice cream and pastries, as strategic partners of the event.

Gelato Festival 2017 starts its journey in Europe on April 21 from Florence, and will continue exploring the ice creams of four countries: Italy, Germany, England and Poland.

SIGEP will certainly find proposals ice-cream and sweet with dried fruits, as an ingredient among the most popular and guaranteeing the professionalism and skill of the great confectioners. Italy is now considered among the most quality dry fruit producers. Among the most famous Italian products in the world there are the Hazelnut of Piedmont, the Bronte Pistachio, Tuscan Pine Nut, Almond of Avola.
SIGEP 2017 promises to be rich manifestation of meetings and events, ready to confirm the results of previous editions and to design new ones.

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