CIBUSTEC: the main innovations introduced in the edition 2016

Date: November 2, 2016 | Category: Industry
CIBUSTEC: the main innovations introduced in the edition 2016

More security, speed and autonomy for food industry workers: these are some of the main changes proposed to CIBUS TEC 2016.

Attendance from 75 countries were interested in the technological innovations offered by CIBUS TEC for the entire food chain. A 51st year, which ended successfully October 28, 2016, full of professional ideas, innovations and solutions aimed at improving the activities of the key players of the industry, presented by 1,200 companies.

Emerging needs to make more and more autonomous and fast, in daily activities, operators in the food sector, and they can work in total safety. Trying to meet the demands of consumers today prefer life on the go and need healthy food, quality, packaged to be easily taken in a single dose and without long breaks for meals.

Fair Cibus Tec 2016

Come on stage new professional printers can enable manufacturers and distributors of wine and oil to prepare independently the labels for the bottles for sale, reducing delivery times and production costs. This is an innovation brought by Epson, for the first time present at CIBUS TEC. They are compact printers that develop colored adhesive labels, resistant to water, light and smudging. Among the proposals of the fair also the idea of inserting the labels of all foods wholesome information, such as how much physical activity should be made to work off the calories of that particular food.

Logistics plays a key role in the industry, and so it is also for the food industry. A CIBUS TEC were proposed technological solutions that can optimize all work processes, to make them safer. Arrive safety barriers for loading and unloading vehicles, innovative design, able to withstand any impact, preventing damage to vehicles and people. Even signage in the paths of the industrial areas become more effective, colorful and safe, shock absorbing and pointing the way to the warehouse and storage areas without the risk of ruining means, buildings and create accidental damage to operators. Also interesting are the oscillating shelves can withstand prolonged earthquakes, up to 24 hours.

Among the main intentions of the producers of machines for the food industry there is the desire to make the direct self-interest in the proceedings. Trying to build more and more technological and electronic machines, which may require a data connection interfaces, to facilitate maintenance and to make practical steps to solve problems, not necessarily include the release of a technical expert, but ensuring a link remote support: more effective, more active, less expensive.

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