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If you are looking for innovative systems for storage and transport for fragile or delicate products, particularly short cut pasta or pet food, choose Cusinato company

Bucket elevatorsMore than fifty years of experience of unique ideas and original patents, make the Cusinato Company a leader in the producing transport and storage plants for pasta and other granular products, for the food industry and for other fields.

Our plants are in the service of all sectors in which are necessary the handling and storage of granular products such as pasta, vegetables, dried fruit and nuts, snacks, candies, frozen food, pet food, special sands, etc.. Today, the major pasta and pet-food producers in the world use Cusinato’s machinery or plants.

What are the strong points of Cusinato?

Loading system for storage

Flexibility, customisation, and quality are the strong points of our handling, transport, and storage plants. Each machine guarantees maximum reliability over time with a minimum level of maintenance and full respect of the transported product.

The main feature of a pasta storage plant, which must be taken into account when choosing a specific type of plant instead of another, is the “flexibility” it offers in terms of interaction with the various production and packaging lines. In the case of production plants with several production and packaging lines, the choice of a flexible plant ensures easy scalability over time, whereas, a less flexible plant, will become obsolete in a few years ‘time.

Our goal has always been to make it easier and more efficient for our customers' work, by listening to their requests and requirements.

Thanks to the work carried out over the years, today the Cusinato Company is a leader in the design and manufacture of handling and storage plants for long and short pasta.

A company’s success is measured in terms of customer satisfaction, and its winning strengths are put to the test out in the field challenging international competition.

Our production range includes:

  • Bucket elevators (patented)
  • Bucket conveyors (patented)
  • Belt conveyors (exclusive)
  • Storage silos (exclusive)
  • Vibrating extractors
  • Vibrating feeders
  • Spiral lowerators (exclusive)
  • Vibrosifters
  • Belt storage system for pasta nests and fragile and/or bulky shapes

The Cusinato Company is present in 65 countries around the world with more than 1,900 installed systems and each of our customers can witness the efficiency of our machines.

The Cusinato Company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified 2002 and recently Uni En 1090-1:2012 certified as well.

Cusinato Company

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