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Bumper protections presented by STOMMPY

STOMMPY Srl is a company founded in 2000 that has been immediately distinguished and appreciated at the market due to our introduction of planning criteria and technically innovational materials of high efficiency.

The young and entrepreneurial character of the company has made us to believe in the value of intense research and technological development, directed at the search of new materials and fixing systems. As of day one, it has become our constant activity and company’s lifeblood.

Every innovation introduced to our products has not only been subjected to the project tests of shock-proof systems but has also raised the hygienic-sanitary standards, as well as those for safety at work and saving management costs. All of this has promoted STOMMPY Srl as an indisputable leader on the market.

Bumper protections

The innovations introduced have inevitably put aside all standard solutions in steel or cement resins that have been used till now, being replaced by the superlative features of Tecklene®, the technical polymer of high efficiency and resistance as well by the innovative and patented fixing system. The anchorage system has been specifically studied in order to meet the performances requested by the existing market, which is continuously better informed when it comes to protective bumper systems.

The entire scope of products is designated invariably to all commodities sectors, starting from pharmaceutical-hospital to food processing in general, from logistics to mechanics. 

We can proudly declare that our products are 100% made in Italy. 

The ISO 9001 certification was recently confirmed by TUV Audit Italia with a ISO 9001/2015 Certificate, the best possible proof that STOMMPY Srl has adopted the standard main principles and applies them regularly and with no exceptions.

Bumper protections

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