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The automated warehouses for sheet metal from Ciampalini Costruzioni Meccaniche are the result of 40 years of experience in the warehousing sector  

Automated WarehousesCiampalini Costruzioni Meccaniche has been operative for more than forty years in the warehousing sector, making automated warehouses for various sectors.  

The automation for managing the warehouse is structured on the basis of the customer’s needs, for storing sheet metals and heavy components, such as sections in bars, sheets, and flat materials, spare parts, and accessories in general.

The company supplies automatic handling and management to limit or even eliminate problems of space encumbrance.  

  • Warehouse management
  • Automated warehouses with drawers, or with vertical or revolving storage
  • Warehouses for storing components, bars, and sections
  • Special storage systems
  • Software for managing automated warehouses

The automated warehouses for storing sheet metal and components come with management software.

Warehouses with drawers

The warehouses with drawers are particularly useful for storing steel bars and sections, heavy accessories, semi-processed pieces, dies and long materials in general. They are suitable for both production and commercial situations. They may also be customized according to the customer’s specific needs. They have a steel structure that is sized according to use: the drawers are mounted on various towers and a central shuttle is installed that can remove and transport the chosen drawer to the loading/unloading rack.  

Vertical warehouses

The vertical warehouses have either a single or double tower. They are ideal for storing metal sheet and flat material in general. Like the other Ciampalini products, they may be used both in the production and commercialization of sheet metal and may be customized. The structure is in steel and sized appropriately. In this case as well, a central shuttle permits the removal of the selected drawer, which is then transported to the loading/unloading rack.  

Ciampalini Srl – The ideal partner

Storage warehousesThanks to its lengthy experience and the quality of its automated warehouses, the company has reached an international dimension and become a reference point in the sector in Europe.

Ciampalini is the ideal partner for all companies with the need to formulate rational solutions that permit them to resolve problems of logistics with respect to different materials. 
With Ciampalini, in fact, it is possible to obtain automated management, with regard to both space encumbrance and machine control using specific software.

The company offers excellent solutions that are the result of technological know how in the area of design, the quality of the technologies and of the human resources employed, including highly qualified designers, technicians, and installers. The goal is the complete satisfaction of the customer, who is supported in all phases of the project.

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