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Patented Bucket Elevators and Conveyors Cusinato: are available in a wide range of types to find a solution to every problem for vertical and horizontal conveyance.

The Cusinato bucket conveyance systems are the result of years of design development activity; result that has been achieved through tests and specific research carried out on prototypes and proven through numberless installations using a wide range of granular products.

They are available in a wide range of types so as to find a solution to every problem for vertical and horizontal conveyance.


Each individual machine, as well as the entire handling system for the more complex cases can offer the maximum reliability in the long run with a very low need for maintenance, while giving full consideration to the product being handled.

Cusinato bucket conveyors are ideal for handling products that are brittle or delicate; the buckets are provided with patented devices (exclusive Cusinato rights) to prevent losses of product and are made with materials that are compatible with foodstuffs.

The buckets are available in several versions and dimensions depending on the type of product to be handled and on the capacity of the handling system.

Each machine can make use of one or more load points with a perfect seal (which is the very core of Cusinato patent) in every point of the horizontal section; unloading may be single or multiple type; while unloading, the bucket is rotated by 360°, to achieve a safe, reliable and complete discharge.

The special system as used for supporting and driving the chain, made with self-lubricating synthetic bars with very low friction coefficient, is mounted on special support bars made of anodised extruded aluminum (exclusive design by Cusinato).

Furthermore, due to the presence of special gutters for the collection of drops along the horizontal sections, possible product contamination from the chain lubricant is prevented.

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