AUTOPROMOTEC 2019: waiting for the next edition

Date: May 20, 2019 | Category: Garage equipment
AUTOPROMOTEC 2019: waiting for the next edition

Autopromotec: the technological evolution of the automotive industry on stage

The 2019 edition of the biennial at an international level, dedicated to equipment and the automotive aftermarket, will start in a few days.

The fair will be held in Bologna, from 22 to 26 May. The last edition received the participation of 1,599 exhibitors and hosted 113,616 professional operators. Numbers really important for a sector in continuous technological evolution such as the automotive sector, a market that today looks at increasingly safer, digital, robotic and sophisticated solutions.

A few days after opening the doors, it is known that the adhesions to the event increased by 4% compared to two years ago. The exhibition area has also been expanded to reach a total space of 162,000 square meters, ready to welcome the news of the participating companies.

At the center of attention there is change, the evolution of technology, which characterizes, in this era, the automotive world. It is clear that by changing the purchasing and consumption trends of the vehicles, habits change, mechanics change, maintenance and repair shops change too. Mobility is acquiring new tones, new styles of use, new technological connotations that increasingly turn towards automatic driving, connected cars, electric cars, shared mobility. The methods of purchase also change, the sooner you bought the good, today you tend to rent it or share it.

Autopromotec responds to these new needs by giving space to increasingly technological companies and creating a new image, capable of evoking futuristic connections. FUTURA is in fact the character that will accompany visitors on the tour of the fair, to discover the new proposals for automotive after-sales. Autopromotec's goal is to be the bridge between the past and the future of the automotive repair market.

Back in this edition, with more details and proposals for the public, "Officina X.0", the Autopromotec area that takes the visitor by the hand and shows him how much artificial intelligence, augmented reality, connectivity are already widely implementable in services proposed by a mechanical workshop.

Robotics, connectivity and digital control solutions are now the basis of any car's after-sales services, those who have not yet equipped themselves can find valid reasons in Autopromotec to do so and solutions to embrace this technological change.

Alberta Barbagli


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