AUTOPROMOTEC closes with a rich edition of novelties

Date: 5 giugno 2017 | Category: Garage equipment
AUTOPROMOTEC closes with a rich edition of novelties

AUTOPROMOTEC 2017 marks a record issue.

The 27th edition of the exhibition dedicated to the automotive and aftermarket services and accessories has just ended.

A total + 14% increase was reported for attendances during the event of professional and international operators. 113,616 industry professionals had access to AUTOPROMOTEC, marking a significant growth of 9.26% compared to the previous edition.

Of all the professional visitors, the Italians came from 90,061, and 23,555 abroad. Given this, it is the business participation at international level, which increased by 14.09% in this edition. The entire show involved the interest of 422 specialized journalists coming from around the world. B2B has created 720 meetings with 120 international buyers representing 30 countries.

Training for staff members for this edition also attracted participants' interest during 93 professional updating and comparison events in the dedicated space called Autopromotec EDU. The generated interest has exhausted almost all the events organized with the public, recording a total of 2,900 professional holdings.

The most noteworthy novelties that the fair has highlighted are both products and services. First of all, the primary goal is to make the work of staff more leaner, the more technologically the fault diagnosis system and their resolution, the more digital the whole layout of a workshop dedicated to maintenance or repair of the automotive world.

Countless sets of tools, studied in detail, not only for the greater comfort of those who use them, but also from a design perspective, with the addition of innovative hi-tech solutions. The workshop tool set today is also offered with rental formulas. It seeks in every area to highlight the value of the brands that provide services, through graphic studies and communication aimed at giving an important identity, even to the stand alone workshop, which is in a market of big players, impressive and prepared for change Digital still in operation.

The study of the mechanical workshop of the future is at the center of the proposals of AUTOPROMOTEC 2017. Tire changes, brake tests, fault repair are activities that today are realized with the support of integrated software, capable of handling the entire vehicle on platforms designed And are designed to offer the best technological input possible, accurate professio nal controls and guaranteed results in terms of service efficiency and speed of implementation.

The small local business, such as the tire, the electric machine, the mechanical workshop, is today called to respond to this strong technological revolution to adapt to a world that runs faster and that integrates to the fullest of the systems. Training and updating are the basis of this change as well as machinery investments and a more aware and evolving future.

The products are also innovative and mark an epoch-making breakthrough, such as Shell's oil, which is the first high performance natural synthetic oil, which guarantees greater wear protection, optimum storage for a long time.

Bologna has already set dates for the next edition of AUTOPROMOTEC, scheduled for May 22, 2019.

Alberta Barbagli


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