BIMU 2018: the 31st edition closes

Date: 17 ottobre 2018 | Category: Garage equipment
BIMU 2018: the 31st edition closes

BI-MU closes the 31st edition: more training for digitization

In Milan, the 31st edition of BI-MU / Sfortec Industry, an international biennial, focused on machine tools, robots, automation, auxiliary technologies and digital manufacturing, with the aim of facilitating and make human work safer.

According to the organizers, the interest of companies in investing in machine tools has been significant, the market seems to be sending out positive signals.

1,056 companies are on display, of which 40% are from abroad. There were 27 countries represented, including Taiwan, Finland, Denmark, South Korea, China, Canada, USA, Japan and Israel. Nearly 4,000 machines were exhibited in the halls for an estimated value of 500 million euros. 34% of exhibitors participated in this fair for the first time. At least 100 companies have chosen to present their innovative proposals in preview during the event.

The foreign countries responded well even in terms of buyers who arrived, they came from 22 countries and more than 250 appearances were recorded.

Organizers and exhibitors see both training as the focal point of development. In fact, the fair responded by organizing more than 60 themed meetings, to promote the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of opportunities. The exhibiting companies were able to show their solutions within BI-MUpiù, an arena dedicated to events and meetings, organized with the support of the Lombardy Region.

Another important innovation for the biennial was the inclusion of BI-MUpiùAdditive, a space reserved for additive manufacturing and start-ups. First time in fact at BI-MU for start-ups, which were selected by ICE and Italy Startup. At the center of the proposals are the sectors: Internet of Things for Industry 4.0, 3D printing, robotics, Artificial Intelligence. Italy today is third in the world for the export of machine tools, after Germany and Japan. It therefore becomes important to offer concrete opportunities to young entrepreneurs and startuppers who can innovate in this field.

Digitization is really a new way of doing business, those who have visited the fair have been able to touch the evolution of technology and understand how certain machine tools today can radically change the way to approach mechanical and manufacturing work, making it safer and less tiring. Those who have visited BI-MU this year may have grasped how the interaction between machines, robots and human beings is important for economic evolution and productive growth.

Alberta Barbagli

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