Cosmopack 2019: announces the trends of 2021

Date: March 26, 2019 | Category: Cosmetics, Beauty and Hygiene
Cosmopack 2019: announces the trends of 2021

Eco-friendly packaging and colors that pre-announce the trends for 2021

Cosmopack contributes to the excellent result that this year Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna has achieved: a total record of over 265 thousand presences.

Cosmopack is the most important international exhibition for the industrial and production chain that is at the basis of the cosmetic market. In the showcase the new formulas for increasingly biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging have been proposed, applicators and single-use packaging for certain types of products, ingredients and raw materials, processes, services and machinery for third-party accounts. In this 2019 edition, Cosmopack has also expanded its exhibition, acquiring an additional portion in Hall 19, dedicated to smart manufacturing-oriented packaging.

To support one of the most profound concepts of this just concluded Cosmopack event, it was certainly the 20X2021 installation that wanted to show the color orientations for the next creations, packages and textures of cosmetics and more. A fashion-oriented moment that carries an important message, that of sustainability. It was in fact an installation, hanging on the ceilings of the pavilions dedicated to Cosmopack, to propose "the colors of sustainability in 2021". On display - above the heads of the visitors - 12 key colors, expression of the essential tones that anticipate the next season, and 7 materials for cosmetic packaging.

This year too, Cosmopack Awards took place, an award that rewards technology and packaging behind the success of a cosmetic product. To stay on a digital and innovative theme, among the winners is NFC SMART Packaging Technology, proposed by Asquan Group, which is a packaging solution capable of tracking the product and protecting its brand. A tag is in fact inserted into the packaging during production and thanks to the scan made with any smartphone the consumer can extrapolate all the necessary information. For the Make Up Packaging Technology category, on the other hand, Fless (d) Detail has won, the first flexible brush that is modeled according to the size of the fingers, going to revolutionize and personalize everyday gestures during make-up.

Alberta Barbagli

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