Full service and third party for face and lips cosmetics - COSMETEC

Date: 26 giugno 2016 | Category: Cosmetics, Beauty and Hygiene
Full service and third party for face and lips cosmetics - COSMETEC

Sensorial make-up from Cosmetec special effects for face and lips

One of the most interesting proposals of CosmoProf 2017 is certainly the huge range of cosmetics for face, lips, eyes and body by Cosmetec The company, located in Senago (MI), which works both third parties and full service, presented the latest developments during the event. These represent not only some of the most refined and exclusive formulas of the moment, but above all, a wonderfully meticulous mix of perfection, sensory and special effects.

Cosmetics news: sensory make-up

Sensorial Make Up - CosmeticsAmong Cosmetec’s news, it must be mentioned the new high-sensitivity lipstick, with a matt finish and an extreme ease of use and high comfort. Irresistible. As well as the new generation face emulsions, for a perfect make-up and a natural transparency at the same time. How was it possible to reach such a qualitative level? We addressed this and other questions to the general manager of Cosmetec, Lucio Mariotti. "With our cosmetics we want to convey two key values of make-up: decoration and functionality. One is not effective without the other. In addition, we pay special attention to sensory claims. The result is cosmetic solutions with a strong visual impact".

Gloss and Lipstick Innovative by Cosmetec

The lips area is the segment in which Cosmetec expresses the best performances in terms of sales volumes. However, as Mariotti points out, "It would be ridiculous to define us with one line. Lips products are numerous and evolving, with gloss and lipstick in ever-changing concepts and with ever-more innovative finish and claims. However, in recent times, a new sophisticated face product category is alongside the established lips, with solutions that allow us to remain innovative in terms of technology and design. "

Patented technologies by Cosmetec

MakeUp Production Third Party - CosmeticsThe secret of Cosmetec behind the high quality level of the lips and face special effects, is a technological secret. "We use patented production technologies - continues Mariotti. We start from poured formulas or emulsions and we look at trend-based evolution needs trying, very often, to anticipate market expectations. A wide and diversified market ranging from selective perfumery to large distribution chains, from department stores to discounts. It is a market in which new priorities are set, such as concepts of natural, organic, vegan and sustainable. "

Customization and full service for formulas and packs

For Cosmetec, full service means supporting the customer to develop, and customize formulas and content, but also filling with exclusive technologies formulas themselves.
"To provide the customer with a complete and really innovative service," says Mariotti, "we try to give concrete answers to needs of personalization starting from visual to functional identity of products.
The starting point is the brand's values, on which we define graphic and image choices, up to any short-medium-term strategies. To offer unique and deeply personalized solutions we often develop pack with the product itself. Obviously, to position effectively each product, trends, fashion and lifestyle must be constantly updated."

Cosmetec full service

By expanding its definition, Cosmetec applies an evolving of full service concept, that implements various activities.
"We focus on the selection of new raw materials, research on innovative packaging, new design and technology studies, market analysis, trends and values surveys, both for geographic areas and for targeting. Everything is done with a synergy of action, with rapid contest among external world, research, and design. Just to guarantee the best benefit to client.”

Luca Cavera


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