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Yogurt-processing machines from Plastitalia Sistemi Srl: taste and quality.

YO&MI makes automatic machines for processing Natural Yogurt.
In addition, the same machines may be used for producing other dairy products including: panna cotta, caciotta cheese, melted cheese, soft cheese, mozzarella, semi-processed preparations for gelato and semi-processed fruit preparations for yogurt.

The yogurt-processing machines are 100% Made in Italy and are conceived and made in the YO&MI plant by  Italian workers.

These are advanced technology, maximum quality, long-lasting yogurt machines that are low maintenance, extremely reliable and high performance.

In addition, YO&MI supplies systems for measuring and packaging, support products, and selections of fruits.

The Yo&MI products may be summarized as follows:

  • Machines for processing yogurt
  • Machines for fresh yogurt, artisanal yogurt
  • Pasteurizers for yogurt
  • Systems for measuring and packaging fruit
  • Machines for the production of: yogurt, melted cheese, panna cotta, mozzarella, semi-processed preparations for gelato.

The range of yogurt-processing machines consists of four machines with various production capabilities, with three versions of each machine in order to satisfy the needs of the clientele.

Machines for making Natural Yogurt

The milk is pasteurized and brought to the ideal temperature; the milk is inoculated and allowed to ferment for the necessary time.
Work cycles: pasteurization: 1 hr., fermentation 6-8 hrs., mixing and refrigeration 2-4 hrs.
In addition, with the machines from the YO&MI line is it possible to produce marmalade, preserves, mascarpone cheese and semi-processed preparations for natural gelato.

Technical characteristics: Series YZ-Eco-Lab-Caseus

Pasteurizing 4-90°C
Cooling 4°C
Programmable software.

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