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Bags of fabric for custom perfumes, clothing and footwear presented by Italy Paimex

Paimex fabric pouches are perceived by the client as being part of the product and not a separate accessory. 

The image and design of the company's fabric pouches  give a boost to the product itself and have made Paimex a world leader in terms of quality of the product and the technology used in customisation, ensuring added value for the client.

Paimex Italia Srl mainly produces fabric pouches and fabric carrier bags. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable natural materials are used, while the  production is 100% Italian. Production is also carried out with synthetic and mixed fabrics.

The possibility to customise is one of Paimex's strengths, as well as the wide choice of colours and shapes.

All of Paimex's products can be created with natural and synthetic materials, cotton, linen, mixed textiles, polyester, polypropylene.

Fabric pouches and fabric carrier bags

Standard and custom fabric pouches and bags

  • Fabric pouches for perfume shops, gift pouches, jewellery pouches, leather goods, shoes
  • Cotton shoppers, satin shoppers, flannel carrier bags
  • Promotional bags
  • Non woven fabric
  • Custom carrier
  • Cotton shoppers
  • Garment covers
  • Custom shopper bags

Some years ago Paimex began producing fabric carrier bags and obtained significant international success. The carrier bags are produced in all textiles, fake leather, canvas, hemp and juta. The choice of carrier bags is extensive.

With regard to garment covers, prestigious companies ask Paimex for this high quality product. With a wide variety of colours and finishes, Paimex creates  garment covers to suit every client's needs.

A sector leader in terms of printing, Paimex is also extremely attentive when it comes to the application of add-ons such as fabric and leather labels, studs, or any other accessory the client may request.

The printing methods and technologies are as follows: screen printing, laminates, embossing, embroidery, transfers, heat printing, four-colour processing.

All of these technologies are innovative and modern and guarantee that the final product is excellent and of high quality.

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