Discos Srl
Discos Srl

Via Casotton, 16
37050 - Oppeano (VR) Italy

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+39 (0)45 7130124

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Single-dose containers and strips presented by Discos Srl: serums, face and body creams, cosmetics for body and hair

Discos is an Italian company specializing in the production of single-dose containers, unit-dose strips and filling service for beauty products,  personal care products and parapharmaceutical products.

  • Single-dose containers for cosmetics, pharmaceutical products
  • Custom unit-dose packaging and strips in PP, PE
  • Secondary packaging single-dose containers
  • Unit-dose strips for cosmetics, parapharmaceutical products
  • Private label unit dose packaging
  • Private label single dose packaging
  • Pad printing unit-dose containers and strips

Packaging of single-dose containers

Full service packaging strip

The company supplies external companies with the single-dose packaging service. Packaging can be customized according to the customers’ needs.

The packaging of single-dose containers and strips is carried out in controlled contamination atmosphere to meet specific CE Medical Device filling standards for products such as nasal sprays and eye drops. 

Single-dose containers and unit-dose strips

The single-dose containers and unit-dose strips are used in different sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hair care, aesthetic, herbal, hotel, medical, chemical, food, and for wellness and spa centres. They can contain serums, face and body creams, cosmetics for body and hair.

The single dose containers are made of plastic, such as PP and PE. They can also be customized with colours and logos via pad printing. They can also be ink-jet printed with the lot number and expiration date. 

In three phrases, Discos represents reliability, service quality and timely delivery.

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