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Gate valves and slurry tanker valves presented by Metaltecnica Srl

Metaltecnica Srl was founded in 1963 as a company producing components for irrigation and crop spraying, as well as equipment for the livestock farming sector. The company specializes in the production of gate valves and valves for slurry tankers. 

Accessories for irrigationThanks to its lengthy experience, Metaltecnica Srl is recognized on national markets for its valves for slurry tankers, gate valves and valves and accessories for irrigation and crop spraying.

  • Lever gate valves, stem gate valves, knife gate valves, copper gate valves
  • Flanged ball valves, bolted ball valves, float valves, air relief valves, safety valves
  • Irrigation taps
  • Spraying and irrigation filters
  • Spray nozzles
  • Irrigation spray guns, trigger jet spray lances, handle spray guns
  • Irrigation nozzles
  • Agricultural pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
  • Slurry tanker accessories
  • Spraying and irrigating accessories
  • Crop protection equipment
  • Irrigation equipment

Metaltecnica’s product range includes taps and valves for irrigation, accessories for crop spraying and culture protection as well as other fittings.

All of the products undergo continuous innovation and are subjected to continuous checks and tests.

Gate valves for the agriculture world

The gate valves used for slurry tankers and septic tank trucks for the transport and treatment of slurries are available as lever gate valves, stem gate valves and knife gate valves. They are mainly produced in brass.

Valves for agricultural, livestock farming or industrial use

The valves for slurry tankers, also for agricultural, livestock farming or industrial use, are used for overflow as safety or depression valves. Versions include sphere-shaped, flanged and bolted.

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