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If you are looking for a rubber articles by high performance Bonaddio is the right partner for you: a wide range of products for different applications

Our company was born in  1991 from the will of satisfying the most complex requests of the clients and to increase the knowledge and techniques of working with rubber.

Even if it’s a young company, Bonnadio produces various rubber articles thanks to the experience that Michelangelo-the owner, gained during the last 30 years of work.

Every product is carefully studied and tested at the factory,considering that every Rubber articlesBonaddio article must be efficient and correspond to the client’s request.

Furthermore, the company is searching and creating products that protect the bark of trees (such as olive, almond, cherry, walnut and hazelnut) during the production and harvesting cycle.

Being part of an extended area, that requires a daily attention on the quality, all our products are  always tested in factory first of being introduced on the market: resistance on bend, rigidity, pressure, abrasion, impact, strike, freeze, temperature leap, antistatic and slipping.

Today we are able to serve not only the agricultural field, but also the construction industry, earth-moving, well drilling and asphalt.

  • Anti Vibration Rubber
  • Stretching for Road Bridges
  • Clutches
  • Linings
  • Pipe shutters
  • Packer system
  • Bushings
  • Splash guards
  • Valve pistons for mud suction and boring machines
  • Parts on request for classic cars
  • Full wheel on metal
  • Rubber strips
  • Anti vibrating frames
  • Packer frames
  • Frames for the lifted bridge car
  • Buffer for bulldozer
  • Buffer for pliers
  • ....Many more on request

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