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RM Spa

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43018 - Sissa Trecasali (PR) Italy

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Hose-reel irrigation machines for agriculture, spraying booms for irrigation shown by company RM

Hose-reel irrigation machines for agriculture

Since many years RM Spa is operating in irrigation field and after many years of experience now this company is one of the most important in the world specialized in the production of hose-reel irrigation machines for agriculture.

  • Spraying booms for irrigation
  • Hose-reel irrigation machines for agriculture, agricultural fields, fields
  • Spraying booms over 50m
  • Low pressure booms
  • Spraying booms for agriculture and green areas
  • Self-propelled machines for slurry distribution

Between the machines manufactured by RM there are self-propelled irrigation machines, spraying booms, hose-reel irrigation machines for fields and coltures. Moreover it is possible to find machines for the distribution of slurry.

irrigation machines for agriculture

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