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Private label hair products presented by Industrie Pagoda: a wide range of professional hair products

The company’s range of cosmetics for face and body care includes: sparkling bath tablets; shower foams and bath foams; small bath pearls; bath salts; intimate hygiene liquid soaps; antibacterial deodorants for feet; foot soak tablets.

The company’s range of professional cosmetics for beauty salons, beauticians and tanning salons includes: cellulite prevention products; creams and oil for massage; thermal and eudermic mud for cellulite treatment; face and body tanning creams; self tanners; tanning activators; after sun lotions; hair-removal wax for beauticians and many other products.

Both the face and body care products and the professional cosmetics for beauty salons, beauticians and tanning salons can be supplied to the private label sector.

Private label hair products


Industrie Pagoda - The company

Industrie Pagoda S.r.l. has been operating in the market since 1980. The company produces professional hair cosmetics. In particular, the company specializes in the production of private label hair products and professional hair products.
The company’s private label cosmetics include:

  • Bleaching powder
  • Oxidizing hair emulsion
  • Oxidizing emulsion for hair
  • Hydrogen peroxide for hair
  • Creamy and liquid hair conditioner
  • Hair masks
  • Hair gels and wax
  • Professional hair shampoos
  • Liquid crystals for hair

Along with its private label hair products, Industrie Pagoda proposes a range of cosmetics dedicated to face and body care and a range of professional cosmetics for beauty salons, beauticians and tanning salons.

Professional hair products

The whole range of private label hair products by Industrie Pagoda and its professional cosmetics are made by using modern equipment. In addition, to ensure the quality of its products, Industrie Pagoda is provided with a chemical laboratory for the quality control, a microbiological laboratory and a research & development laboratory.
The company’s private label hair products and the professional cosmetics are available both for small and large-scale productions, in Italy and abroad.

Industrie Pagoda’s products are made in compliance with the required standards. The company has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certification.

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