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Professional hair dyes and professional hair colours presented by Punti di Vista

Punti di Vista Hair & Body Care was born in 1989, and in 1995 it started its export activity. Today, our company is distributed in more than 22 countries.

30 yearsPunti di Vista Hair & Body Care has two manufacturing departments, one in Milan and one in Pesaro, but the headquarter of the company is in Naples, where all the commercial and promotional activities are developed.

Punti di Vista Hair & Body Care is celebrating the 20th anniversary as one of the few European companies; all the Punti di Vista products are made in Italy, CEE certified with an innovative graphic design.

Punti di Vista Hair & Body Care guarantees very high quality, non-stop assistance, and above all the most competitive prices, and in such a difficult economic trend this means TRUST, CONFIDENCE, WORK.

Hair dyes

Punti di Vista Hair & Body Care produces 6 brands of professional hair care products: Baxter, Nuance, Concerto, Draw, Personal and Oil System Concept.

Baxter: hair colour cream with silk proteins; conditioner with linseed oil, bamboo marrow, apricot, milk proteins; linseed oil fluid crystals; oxidative cream emulsion; coconut gel and water wax; masks with fruit acids, bamboo marrow, carrot, garlic, herbs; hair bleaching non volatile powder; shampoo for frequent use, for dry hair, greasy hair, thin hair, coloured hair; placenta hair phials; royal jelly hair phials; hair perm and neutralizer; anti-spot protective cream; ecological lacquer; ecological hair-spray; mousse brushing; wet effect mousse; strong mousse.

Nuance: hair colour cream with ceramides (discover more features: watch the video); hair colour Contrast; linseed oil fluid crystals; oxidative emulsions; ecological and spray lacquer; after colour and after sun shampoo and mask; sun-care protective hair spray oil; volumizing conditioning multiphase hair treatment; fixative conditioning multiphase hair treatment; smoothing and nourishing hair emulsion; hair bleaching non volatile powder; water wax; pearlized wax; mousse brushing, mousse for curly hair; mousse hold; shiner spray.

Concerto: hair colour cream with Keratin, Mallow extract and Vitamin C; oxidative emulsions 10, 20, 30 and 40 vol.; blue bleaching non volatile powder; shampoo and mask with Keratin; Mallow extract and Vitamin C; protective fluid “silk effect” for curly and straight hair; strong hold spray lacquer; ecological lacquer; shaping mousse; repairing serum; mineralizing oil; anti-hairloss phials; anti-dandruff phials; anti-greasy phials: dry and treated hair phials; anti-hairloss shampoo; anti-dandruff shampoo; anti-greasy shampoo; dry and treated hair shampoo.

Draw: hair colour cream with Vitamins; royal jelly and wheat proteins shampoo and mask; sesame oil shampoo and mask; yogurt-based shampoo and mask; jojoba oil and silk proteins shampoo and mask; hair spray; volumizing lacquer; placenta hair phials; royal jelly hair phials; mousse hold; mousse volume; mousse perfect curl; smoothing milk; shining spray; extra strong wax; water wax; fluid crystals with linseed oil; strong fix gel.

Personal: ammonia free tone-on-tone hair colour cream; reconstructing serum with keratin; products for perm and straightening; Hair Therapy restructuring, antidandruff, antihairloss shampoo; fluid crystals.

NEW be.ONE by Personal Touch ammonia free, PPD free, resorcinol free, silicones free permanent hair colour, enriched with fruits organic extracts and hydrolyzed proteins of wheat and soy in thermal water.

Day mask: multiaction mask with fruit acids; restructurant with wheat and bamboo marrow extract; revitalizing with milk proteins.

The production of Punti di Vista includes also three brands for body care Dànila, Carina, La Cera: epilatory wax; snatching roll wax; liposoluble wax, hot wax, hydrosoluble wax for hair removal; after wax oil; after wax retarding phials; professional roll wax; after wax refreshing cream; face hydrating cream; body hydrating cream; face peeling cream; body peeling cream; couperose cream; nourishing cream; abrasive face cream; face tonifying cream; body tonifying cream; greasy skin cream; vitaminic wrinkles cream; clay body mask; purifying mask; anti-wrinkles cream; anti-cellulite cream; massage cream; massage oil; defatiguing feet cream; sea-weeds mud; cold bendages liquid; tonifying breast cream; pediluve salts.

Permanent coloring in oil Permanent color - Color Oil di Oil System Concept

Permanent hair colour

Permanent hair colouring cream Concerto

Colour Treatment Concerto

Permanent dye natural hair be.ONE by Personal Touch

Permanent dye natural hair

Luxury haircare products SEVEN TOUCH Luxury Haircare NYC

Luxury haircare products

Non-volatile ammonia free bleaching powder be.ONE

Non-volatile ammonia free bleaching powder be.ONE

Velvety fluid for hair

Velvety fluid

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