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Embroidery Termoadhesive Badges

Embroidery termoadhesiveSince 1979 Arem Italia produce embroidery termoadhesive badges thanks to automatic multihead embroidery machines with special embroidery cotton or polyester threads sew on fabric.

Each embroidery badge can be also apply on clothing and textile by sewing machine in a very easy & fast way, or by hot presses thanks to the termoadhesive glue on back. 

The expert staff of Arem Italia take care of each order with know how & experience since many years , and specialize for many embroideries badges articles like :

  • Embroidery badges with special shapes & laser cutting.
  • Stitches badges with special silver & gold lame’ lurex threads.
  • Termoadhesive embroider badges
  • Reflective termoadhesive embroider badges with high visibility threads.
  • Adhesive badges with merrow border
  • Embroidery badges with Velcro scratch
  • Stitches embroider destroyed badges with vintage old style.

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Embroider termoadhesive badges can be made on every kind of fabric on request, and they can be put on clothes, garment, textile on 3 way:

  • Badges & woven labels to apply by sewing machine  (the strongest way we suggest)
  • Termoadhesive badges to iron or to apply with hot press
  • Adhesive badges & woven labels removable on clothes (thanks to special adhesive on back)

Woven labels

Arem Italia specialize since 1979 in woven labels manufacture thanks to innovative jacquard label machines. Woven labels is a perfect article for the customers who have logo with very complicate and small details. Arem Italia can reach a very high quality for this product thanks to the experience of the staff that manage the precise jacquard machines. Wide colour matching card is available and any shape is possible. We manufacture woven labels for many sectors of the market like :   

  • Jacquard woven labels for fashion market
  • Jacquard badge label for team sport & sport market
  • Woven labels for activities, workwear, company & business society.

Woven labels
Customers benefit from woven labels due to their lightness and precision of detail. Personalized woven labels applied greatly enhance the clothing; the quality can be 3 type : woven labels taffetas quality, woven labels satin, woven labels high definition.
Arem Italia can also manufacture woven labels with special adhesive (removable on clothes), or with termoadhesive (for hot press or iron application), both great ways to apply them on clothing.

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Summarizing here are the 4 types for use on clothing woven labels:
1) application of jacquard woven labels on clothing by sewing
2) application of  woven labels on clothing with embroidery border by embroidery machine.
3) application of woven labels on clothing by hot presses or iron
4) application of adhesive woven labels on clothing thanks removable adhesive

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