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Neri Labels Srl

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Self adhesive labels for medicines presented by Neri Labels

Neri Labels self adhesive labels are mainly addressed to the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s self adhesive labels represent the 80% of the whole production. Neri Labels represents a point of reference in a sector which is very demanding: the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Self adhesive labels on paper, on film, on reels
  • Multipage and booklet labels
  • Coupon labels
  • Tamper-evident labels

Labels veterinary products

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Self adhesive labels for the pharmaceutical industry

The self adhesive labels by Neri Labels are also produced for the food, plastics, cosmetic, chemical, electric power, herbal and beverage sectors.

Neri Labels is certified by Cermet according to the UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and ensures the  quality of its products satisfying in full the standards required by the directives of the sector (cGMP and UNI-EN-ISO 19378). The company’s main goals are the Guarantee, Reliability and Safety of the products and services provided, along with high quality standards.

Neri Labels designs and produces special graphics according to the needs of its customers, produces and prints labels with different thicknesses on paper and film.

Neri  Labels  ensures the mapping and traceability of the whole in-house processes, manages the raw materials with the F.I.F.O. and F.E.F.O. systems, controls temperature and moisture for the working and storage of the products and ensures a safe storage of all the data.

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