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Balers for vine branches and pruning residues presented by Caeb

Round balersSince 1982, CAEB has been producing agricultural machinery for farmers, small agricultural businesses and hobbyists.

Our entire product range is designed and manufactured within our company. In particular, we produce round balers for pruning and trimming.

As well as being lightweight and small in size, these machines are easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

Italian-born technological innovation and the utmost consideration for security systems both in terms of the production process and the product, allow us to meet each of our customer’s individual needs and to be present and competitive in the international market.

Caeb International's production: agricultural machinery

  • Round balers for vine branches, pruning residues, leaves
  • Mini round balers
  • Mini bale wrappers
  • Mini bale wrapping machine
  • Agricultural carts for power tillers
  • Powered carts for power tillers
  • Haymaking filters

Baler for pruning and trimming Quickpower

The Quickpower round baler for pruning and trimming in general takes on average less than a minute to complete the entire production process: loading the material to be baled, bale tying, automatic unloading of the bale from the back door.

The weight of the bale produced is ~ 25/35 kg and the weight can be varied by increasing or decreasing the pressure inside the chamber by means of the regulator.

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