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Rotary disc mowers and hay rakes

The firm has been working in the agricultural sector for 50 years manufacturing hay and forage equipment. In particular, the company specializes in the production of disc mowers and hay rakes. 

Thanks to their long-standing experience in this sector and constant testing, the company is able to create mowers and hay rakes that can satisfy their customers’ every need. 

The company’s mowers, hay rakes and machines are characterized by excellent quality, the result of the use of CAD / CAM systems, lathes and CNC work centres throughout the entire production process.

Mower-conditioners for haymaking


  • Mower-conditioners for clover, alfaalfa and legumes
  • Pull-type hay rakes
  • Wheel rakes
  • Hydraulic rakes
  • Mower-conditioners
  • Hay and forage machines
  • Forage machines
  • Mower-conditioners with rubber rolls
  • Rubber rolls for mower-conditioners

Disc mowers

Disc mowers

The disc mowers are available in a range of models depending on the amount of forage to be produced and the type of company that has to use it.

They feature a safety release system, which is very useful in the case of accidental collision with hidden obstacles; they are also fitted with a disc carrier bearing bolted to the outer case, removable gears and bearings, hydraulic lifting with dual shock-absorber to better balance the blade and a frame with adjustable pins for coupling to the tractor.

There are also disc mowers with shaft drive instead of belt, in which case the drive is activated from above the first disc, improving the flow of the forage and allowing the operator to avoid interruptions due to flooding.

Lifting hay rakes

The lifting hay rakes are made up of wheels that touch the crop gently, working it thoroughly but softly in order to avoid deterioration due to leaves breaking off and falling from the fine hay. They can be used on both rugged and uneven terrain thanks to special shock absorbers that are particularly flexible. They can also be used for raking ditches, dikes and basins. In spring they can also be used to scarify lawns and to clear them of straw and earth shifted by moles.  

Pulling hay rakes

The pulling hay rakes are made up of 8/9/10 wheels and are designed for thoroughly working large surface areas. They also can be used for rugged terrain. They have a sturdy structure and the fact that there are no mechanical drives means that they are hard-wearing over time and require no maintenance costs.

V hydraulic rakes

The V hydraulic rakes operate inside the frame which prevents the clogging under the arms that can occur with standard hay rakes of the same model. They are especially easy to handle and practical during harvesting. The hydraulic drive of the bearing arms makes it possible to work with rakes coupled together. They are also fitted with spinning and cushioned wheels that ensure stability and speed, even on rugged terrain.  

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