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Riddling cages, wine barrel racks, remuage presented by Lafal

Lafal is a company that was founded in the early 1800's as Bottega artigiana di fabbro ferraio FRATELLI FRANCHINI. Over time it has developed and grown and activities have extended to fastenings, industrial body-work and aluminium welding.

In 1980 the company became LAFAL Snc di Franchini, specialising in various sectors including stackable wine barrel racks, barriques racks, Bottistop and riddling cages.

Barriques racks

  • Automatic wine riddling
  • Riddling cages, products, containers
  • Metal roll containers
  • Wine barrel racks
  • Barriques racks
  • Winery equipment

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Riddling cages

A riddling cage is a mechanical tool used to produce sparkling wines using the Champagne method, and is fundamental for the riddling stage (remuage).

A large container shaped like a cube and mounted on a gyroscope. It can contain approximately 504 bottles, arranged at first in a tilted position; the angle is then varied until the bottles reach a vertical position.

The container turns the bottles simultaneously at the preset speed.

All types of riddling cages available on the market, including hexagonal models, have the same capacity. It is an automatic tool that can also be controlled via computer.

Remuage and the Champagne method

To produce champagne or sparkling wine, the classic méthode champenoise is implemented. This consists of the second fermentation of the wine in the bottle through the adding of selected yeasts and sugars. This second fermentation gives the wine its traditional pressure derived from the carbon dioxide that develops inside the bottle.

This phase is followed by the resting  period and then the remuage. During manual remuage, carried out by trained technicians, the bottles are positioned on stands so that the neck of the bottle is lower than the base and turned so that the dregs of the spent yeasts are gradually deposited on the corks (roughly 15,000/20,000 bottles are turned each day). Today this process is mechanised by the riddling cages designed by Spanish producers of Cava.

During automatic remuage, the entire process is carried out by riddling cages or roll containers, large rotating baskets that contain the bottles, with metal supports and equipment for automatic remuage.

Then to the final phase, referred to as disgorging.

The wine in the neck of the bottle is frozen and the cork is removed so that deposits are forced out under pressure and replaced with wine syrup and sugar.

The quantity of sugar determines the characteristics of the sparkling wine, from demi-sec to extra-brut or dry if without wine syrup.

Automated wine riddling (remuage)
Automatic riddling is similar to the manual process and does not alter the quality of the wine in any way.
It is a quicker process, is space-saving and  also increases productivity (the rotation of more bottles in less time and with less personnel).
It does, understandably, require a larger initial investment.

Wine barrel racks and barriques racks

Barriques racks

Designed to be ergonomic, Bottistop barrel racks optimise space in wine cellars and thus increase capacity.

They are produced in aluminium and are highly resistant.

The circular structure and inclined angle means the barrels are held perfectly and stability is guaranteed even with heavy loads.

The range includes a complete line of wine barrel racks:

  • with feet
  • Bottsistop with feet for use at the base of a stack
  • raised racks to allow access to the barrique below for topping up, sampling; in anodized aluminium
  • rotating racks to reduce time spent moving barriques and barrels. Ideal for efficient batonage, they allow the barrel to be rotated through 360° for filling, topping up, emptying and washing without it being removed. In aluminium with screws in stainless steel, wheels with bearings.

Barriques racks

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