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Akomag bottle washers crate washers: custom made to meet customer needs

Akomag's range of products includes bottle washers, crate washers, gallon bottle washers, bottle rinsers and bottle sterilizers.

These machines are customized to meet all customer needs; a very wide range of machines can be provided with different capabilities, depending on the model, varying from 500 to 60000 bph.  

Crate washersThey are of high quality, designed for producers of wine, fruit juices, water or yogurt as well as companies dealing with glass recycling , or those that specialize in bottle washing for external companies.

These machines are the result of manufacturing expertise, resources and technology which are fully  available to customers.  They can be used to wash bottles in glass or PET, gallon bottles and crates.  

They are all thoroughly tested and examined before being sent out of the factory.  High quality after-sales service is then provided, with all-round coverage.

Akomag bottle and crate washers are suitable for washing and recovery of used bottles, as well as new bottles.

In both cases the washing process is the same: the bottles are automatically inserted and placed in a soaking tank, from there the labels and glue are removed, ensuring complete cleaning. They are then rinsed and placed on the output conveyor.  

Bottle washers

HydraBootle washers are categorized according to their processing capacity.

The low-volume bottle washer is suitable for users such as farms, family wineries and micro-breweries that require low power consumption and a small footprint. The COMBI model performs this function: it is a manual bottle washer that gives ideal washing, label removal and rinsing.  

The Genesi model bottle washers are reciprocating cycle machines of small dimensions. They too are designed for users with low-volume requirements. They are easy to use and simple to clean.

The TAURUS model bottle washers differ from the previous models, in that they have a continuous cycle of operation and are intended for users with medium-volume requirements.

Akomag completes its range of bottle washers with the last two models, Hydra and Hydra HP. These two models are fully automated and have a new wash cycle that includes a bottle emptying station, followed by a pre-washing spray, then a first pre-soak bath. The cleaning continues with label removal and internal and external high-pressure spraying. The models also have a station which removes calcium deposits, followed by a final spray rinse.  

Gallon bottle washers  

The gallon bottle washers provide complete washing, rinsing and filling of demijohns with 3, 4 or 5 gallon capacity.  

Crate washers

The crate washers are fully automatic and built of stainless steel. They are easy to use,  simple to clean and have low maintenance requirements.  

Company profile
Akomag production seriesAKOMAG is a young, flexible and dynamic company with a strategy based on customer satisfaction, quality of production facilities, customer service and technological innovation.

The simple, modular production methods have facilitated a gradual growth in machine function and sophistication, introducing  sections for special washing and sanitizing with automatic control of process parameters, plant safety systems, energy recovery, waste reduction and automatic cleaning and sanitizing of the parts that are most important from a hygienic point of view.

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