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High pressure washers and steam generators presented by Idroeletrika

IDROELECTRIC SYSTEM high pressure washers

  • with electric heating
  • for wine barrels, barriques

High pressure washers with a reduced capacity with Idroelectric System

Idroelectric System is the new industrial system developed by Idroeletrika Snc. It is a high pressure washer with a reduced capacity that is mainly used for the cleaning and sanitization of foodstuff companies, wine cellars and wine companies in general.  The system works using hot water at a constant temperature and with a continuous flow rate.

The unique patented Idroelectric System works on the basis of high temperatures and a powerful mechanical dispersing effect, combined with the reduced water capacity, to remove organic, saline, mixed and also carbonaceous residues that would otherwise require the use of chemical products. In addition to this, the thermal effect of the cleaning process is able to reduce the build-up of bacteria and microflora present on the contact surface.

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The pressure washer also has the following applications:

  • decontamination of belts and rollers
  • external washing of filling lines, capping and labelling machines
  • barriques washing
  • sanitising of crates and grape withering equipment
  • washing of covers, seals, valves, wine tasters
  • washing of fixed and flexible piping
  • external/internal washing of wine containers
  • washing of filter presses, screw conveyors, filters
  • cleaning of draining boards, grids

High pressure washers. Why?

The advantages of using the high pressure washer are

  1. it can operate in enclosed spaces, thanks to the exclusive patent of electric heating in high pressure - no Co2 emissions in the atmosphere
  2. it doesn't generate spray, steam clouds or water vapour thanks to the low flow
  3. efficiently removes persistent and sticky residues thanks to its high pressure
  4. solubilizes organic substances and mixed residues and sanitizes without the use of chemical products thanks to its high temperatures
  5. guarantees economic, ecological and time savings due to its versatility
  6. makes working easier according to HACCP protocols thanks to its simplicity 

VAPOR - Steam generators for bottling systems, stainless steel storage tanks, barriques, wine barrels

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