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Shower hoses: the heart of Cotali production

Our range of shower hoses represents our desire to be different and offer something new.

We focus on hoses in PVC or EPDM, with textile braid or coating and in most models we added a protection layer in PVC crystals.

Our quality MADE IN ITALY, our innovative design and our variety of colors are our strength on the market since 40 years.

All our hoses are available also with anti-twist connection, in brass and marked MADE IN ITALY.

SNAKE, RIDDLE and SHINE shower hoses: NEW PATENTED MODELS, available also with black or gold PVD fittings

Shower hoses

RANGE TEX SIL/TEX GOLD and NYL SIL/NYL GOLD shower hoses: colors meet chrome and gold

Shower hoses

The strength of the COVER and the classicism of the chromed model GRAY and SPYRAL

Shower hoses

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