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Seppi M. flail mulchers: innovation, quality and reliability for agriculture and care of green spaces

The range of flail mulchers from SEPPI M. is divided into two segments:
1) The flail mulchers, for tractors of medium-low power (up to 95 HP) and 2) the higher-powered flail mulchers, (up to 200 HP).

A pioneer in mulching technology, it built is first flail mulched more than 40 years ago, in 1971, and since then has expanded to mechanical chopping of vegetation that reduces everything to small pieces, from grass to corn stalks, vines, olive and orange branches, wood, roots, and bushes, to stones to deep soil. 

Shredder for vineyards and orchards

So, for many decades, the flail mulchers have worked to the satisfaction of agricultural and gardening professionals. They are robust, reliable pieces of equipment that continue to work quickly and cleanly after many years.

Flail mulcher farm
The low wear, along with easy maintenance, contribute to their extraordinary efficiency that allows the professional to save time and money. A vast selection of optionals and accessories permits the user to equip the machine according to individual professional needs.

Here is why the SEPPI flail mulchers continue to convince users!

The lightest of the flail mulchers is the “SML”, which shreds wood up to 3 cm in diameter; it is perfect for use with small or medium-power tractors. SML is available with various kinds of rotors and tools, thus ensuring an excellent result in any situation. 

flail mulchers S9 coupe

A classic model in the SEPPI M. range is the “SMO”, which shreds grass, and pruned vegetation up to 7 cm in diameter and is ideal for tractors with a transmission. This model has solid, very ample side shift to the right. The side shift, whether parallel linkage (standard), or hydraulic (optional) lets the operator work under the foliage or near the trunk with ease. All of the other characteristics are those of a perfect mulcher and meet the needs of the finest agriculture workers.

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