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Weeder in the row and between the rows

It is composed of a jointed frame which can shift on the sides by means of hydraulic pistons. The number of elements which compose the machine varies according to the quantity of rows to be weeded.

Each unit is equipped with an infrared optical bar that can identify the plants while working.


Each element has a pair of arms (hydraulic controlled) with interactive blades that work at adjustable depth and that can remove weeds up to 1 cm from the crop.

The interaction machine/operator is managed by a Touch Screen display by means of which it is possible to set the work parameters and to monitor the work.

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How does it work?

Detection: it is carried out by optical bars (b.o.) entirely made by the manufacturer (FERRARI). The b.o. detects the presence of the plant thanks to the reaction infrared-plant compared to the surrounding area.   

Hoes start: according to the virtual image processing created by the detection and depending on the progress speed, a processor gives impulse to the open/close of the hoes. Each unit is equipped with this processing card which makes the weeding units independent and which allows precise detections and fast blade activation.

Translator: it is controlled by the mother board (s.m.) of the interface system with all the weeding elements. According to the elaboration carried out by the processors of the single units, the mother board can control the translator trajectory.


  • Ability to weed (remove weeds) not only in the rows (like a common weeder) but also between the plants in the same row
  • Ability to weed the whole surface with single runs avoiding to pass by again in the same area to complete the weeding
  • Innovative reading system by means of an infrared optical bar: high durability, low price, tuning simplicity/quickness
  • Operator interface that does not require high skills (user friendly)
  • Price / benefit highly competitive

In particular the components used have two main advantages:

  1. an optical bar for agricultural purposes has been created to track the area to be weeded. The proper functioning of this technology, on the contrary of other vision systems, is not compromised by factors such as: dampness, dust, temperature leap.  
  2. the relatively low price of this technology makes it affordable also by small/medium growers.

Nowadays there are a few weeders (mainly two) which aim to remove the weeds completely automatically also between the plants. However these machines have various limits: 1 the price is very high and consequently can be afforded only by big growers, 2 they contain elaborate technologies for the operators who need to be highly skilled 3 the optical systems installed have been developed for an industrial use and are not suitable for agricultural purposes  4 the work speed is very low

REMOWEED allows to reduce the work of low skilled labour (whose work consists in hoeing between the plants). Moreover in some areas it is getting more and more difficult to find labour for arduous job.

The use of REMOWEED brings great advantages in respect to the environment safeguard. The weeding in the rows combined with the one between the plants in the same rows abolishes the use of herbicides which are noxious for the consumer’s health and for the soil.  


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